Kristof Thomas
1995° Belgium

2015       BA Photography, School of Arts/KASK, Ghent 
2019       Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Liepzig (HGB), Germany

Group Exhibitions
2018       VISPEUK 01 (with Alexander Deprez and Viktor Van Hoof). Art Cinema offOFF, Ghent
2018       Cortex Project (curated by: Victor Mutazihara). Bog-Art Gallery, Brussels
2018       1YR BLVRD (with Hans Borg and Viktor Van Hoof). De Tank, Brugge 
2018       Group exhibition 3th Bachelor Photography At KASK Ghent
2019       Vitrine D'Amour. A Collaboration With Victor Roelens. Fann, Ghent
2019       SCRPR #6, LaVallée (Bruxelles) curated by Mats Wosky